Sunday, July 18, 2010

My love for food..

I've been to the Philippine for few times and fell in love with this fish -'s not like we can't find it in KK but then they had a special way of serving this fish - boneless. The milkfish  or " bangus" is very popular with Filipinos. This fish has a lot of tiny bones. The bones are expertly removed and the fish is fried whole they called it “Daing na Bangus" . It is often served with garlic rice and pickled vegetables- which is my I decided to try and debone a bangus..and to my surprise it was easy..except for the finer bones as I don't have the appropriate tool to do it..maybe next time..

Witness Wide

I love this one done by the late Yasmin Ahmad TV Commercial titled 'Funeral'

My photo art

Some of my art done with photoshop editing tools...It was quite.., easy except for when it comes to croping images...:[..okay but it was really quite easy with all the brushes you can download from the internet...